1. Poem for June

Oh buttercup haven 
the verges laden and grasses bob and bow

to the evening sun.
Purple, green and grey and cowslip now fading, your natural beauty ~ second to none.

Oh graceful swallows you dip and dive 
as I cast my eyes over familiar fields 
and pristine sky; in which you reign 
on lofty heights, ever near the heavens 
into the night.

Oh guardians of the fields, your hedges yield
Hawthorn, Beech and Hazel; over ages past 
you watched in fading light and shade, as 
man worked the plough, with sweat and toil
and bloody battles for English soil.

Oh ripening Elderflower, your fragrant bough 
dips down and entices my thoughts cordially.
Sweet petit fleur; endure to tempt my thirst
and quench my desire.

Oh abundant English Rose; you bestow your 
delicate beauty upon me; I beseech thee ~
engender blissful prose; 
Your petals like silent tears fall, adoring the earth. An angelic carpet for angels, sweet with mirth.

Oh enduring beauty of all nature;
my heart will always abide with thee.
Pungent, heady and vibrant,
my senses joyfully receive 
this beautiful evening’s reprieve.

22. Abstract Feeling

Abstract feeling.

Creative healing.

It’s an avalanche of words.

Jumbled letters making up a meaning.

As they settle nicely into place

a covering like white icing on a cake.

Colour in the details and you can take

a bite. It’s a solution to a dilemma

waiting to be heard

late at night.

Story picture book

it’s all the same to me.

It’s an avalanche of words and

all spread out to see.

It’s subjective meaning

still wanting and believing,

like little flakes of dreaming.

And if you take the words away

there’s really nothing left to say.

Just an avalanche of abstract feeling

generating creative healing.

29. I Am Still

Summer’s evening
so still.
My world awaits
and sound reaches my eager ears.
The martin’s cry
pierces the sky.
It’s another place
another time
I embrace
and I am

As Chopin weaves his notes around me,
sound is complete;
Yet a silent stillness
like this evening of delight
my soul to soaring heights. Darkness suddenly leaps forth
from twilight,
all is changed;
yet beauty is but shrouded
in this mysterious cloak.
As this summer evening sighs,
it gently nods it’s head to
I close my sleepy eyes.

Copyright 2021 Lorna Fleur Law